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Oversized Printing

Like your prints huge? Need your design printed larger than 15” tall? We've got you covered. We can bump it up to a 16” x 22” print, which will basically cover the entire front of a standard small or medium t-shirt. If you need your print to fill up a large shirt, 18” x 24” is the way to go. If you need ink on every inch of the shirt, we can handle that for you too.

Oversized Printing up to 16" x 22"

  • Minimum order - 25 pieces
  • 25-49 pieces - add $15 per screen
  • 50-99 pieces - add $10 per screen
  • 100+ pieces - no additional charge

Jumbo Printing up to 18" x 24"

  • Minimum order - 50 pieces
  • 50-99 pieces - add $15 per screen
  • add $.50 per print


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What Clients Are Saying

Just wanted to say how thrilled we are with how the Mr. Goon & Bicycle Ride shirts turned out - they look amazing! Thanks again for your obvious Commitment to Excellence!

-Melissa Buchanan, LFOP